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As I sit here creating lesson plans for this year’s 2016 summer program, I feel my imagination bursting with creative ideas (with a little help from Pinterest…lol)! My goal this summer (as with all summer breaks, really) is to create super fun, engaging activities, without sacrificing the academic skills learned during the school year.
I simply love school breaks! I love having the older kids (ages 5 – 10) mixed in with the younger kids (ages 2 – 5). It adds a whole new dynamic to TK. The two groups adore each other, and have so much fun interacting. The Elders love teaching the Youngers, and the Youngers look up to the Elders as great big heroes!

Our theme this year involves the dictionary! Yup! I love using the dictionary when planning lesson plans. Essentially I set up an A – Z set of parameters, and those parameters allow for endless possibilities! Possibilities that extend far beyond the obvious learning of the alphabet by the Youngers.

I have broken down our summer by the alphabet and created an overall set of weekly/daily themes with an emphasis on my favorite subjects; Animals, Art and Science Activities. Please click here to see what that looks like.

Please subscribe to our TK Blog,  “Plans and Possibilities”, especially if you have a student here at TK. This blog, “Plans and Possibilities”, is strictly about TK, our lesson plans and photos of the kids at work! Starting approximately June 24, I am planning on posting the next week’s lesson plan (with the important “Parents and Sharing” information) on Thursdays or Fridays. Photos will be posted frequently as we take a lot of them!

(This is different from my other blog. My other blog, “Terri’s Kids from the Hart”, is a smorgasbord of everything that is Terri, and you are welcome to join that blog, too!).

Also, please share this with anyone you think might be interested. Interested because they might be a grandparent or other relative that want to see photos of your child at work, or interested because they might be looking for a place to put their child this summer, or interested because they, too, are running some kind of summer program and want to share ideas with me!

And lastly, please comment! I highly value your input and ideas. Let me know what you like, or if you have any more ideas for me, or for our summer program! Also let me know if you feel I have missed something, or if you have ideas of something you would like me to post.


  • Kari S

    Oh Terri you have out done yourself on this one. It’s incredible! I am not even the one doing all of this and I’m excited. I love the mix of all things in this alphabet summer. Not just animals, not just science, etc, a fun and exciting mix of it all. I’m curious to see the ice sculpting with salt. (And hey, where are the “W”ater balloons. Wink Wink. I’ll even donate. Absolutely amazing organization on this blog as well. So much incredible information.


    Thank You! I am so excited for this summer’s program! I hope the other TK Parents and friends sign up and comment as well. Their opinion matters!

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