beveled blue handprintTK is an abbreviation for “Terri’s Kids”. Terri’s Kids is a Large Family home childcare that is licensed to care for 14 children between the ages of 0 – 14 years of age. TK had its origins in 1982, when our son, Nick, was born, and TK has been operating at this location since 1989. (To learn more about the history of how TK started, you can click on the History of TK button on the left of this page.)

IMG_2858Here at TK, my husband and I care for children of all ages, all abilities, all behaviors, all special needs, all income levels, all races, all religions, and, well, any child is welcome here at TK! The majority of our children are of the preschool age, and the main emphasis of TK is preschool education. However, many of our preschoolers stay with us after they start school, and in fact stay with us clear through high school, in some cases. Currently, all TK employees were once TK kids! TK has helped Home-school several children over the years.

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TK is operated out of our home, but our home has been dedicated to TK, so it is set up very much like a small school. We have tried to create the perfect balance between a home, family and school environment. We have a dedicated classroom, complete with school desks and school chairs and school supplies. We have a fully integrated preschool curriculum that is developmentally based, which is then supplemented by traditional academic exercises. Most of the children that attend TK preschool go into Kindergarten reading, solving simple math equations, and well prepared to succeed.

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Our backyard has been completely designed as a child’s paradise playground, with a treehouse, a swing set, a sandbox, climbing equipment, tricycle track and open grass areas to play. A huge shade tree dominates the yard, and provides shelter and shade all year around. Explore this website to learn more about TK. Or give us a call, and arrange a visit!IMG_0711








“Where there is a child, there is hope.”

-Terri Lynn Hart