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From decades of working with children, observing children, raising my son, home schooling my son and others, foster parenting, talking to parents, exchanging ideas with other professionals, bouncing ideas off of my own parents, talking to my husband, taking college classes, reading books, researching online,  trial and error life experience and the day to day running of TK, I have developed a few personal philosophies about child care, education, and the raising of children. I am starting a collection here of explanations of my philosophies….the philosophies of TK.

Before enrolling your child in TK, it is important for you to explore these philosophies, and be sure that you agree with the general premises of the “critical” ones. The “critical” philosophies are any philosophies that you, as the parent, feel strongly about.

If you completely disagree with all or most of my philosophies, then it is probably best if you found alternate arrangements for the care of your child.

The more of these explanations you read, the more you can get a “feel” for where I am coming from, what I think is important, and what my priorities are. If you have any ideas or philosophies of your own you would like to share, PLEASE DO! I am always open to new ideas, new viewpoints, new information! That is how I learn.

As time permits, I will be adding to this list of “explanations”. I have lots to share! 🙂

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“Where there is a child, there is hope…”  -Terri Lynn Hart