“There is a division of responsibility when it comes to control of feeding. The adult is responsible for what the child is offered to eat, as well as when and where the food is offered.  The child, however, is responsible for whether he or she eats, and how much.”

I read this in a nutrition textbook, when I took a “Realities of Nutrition” class in the Summer of 2009. I absolutely could not have summarized my own personal beliefs in Child Nutrition any more accurately, even if I had written it myself.

Our meals and snacks exceed the guidelines provided by the Child Nutrition Program of Southern California. Sugars, salts, preservatives, chemicals and fats are kept to a minimum, except during birthdays or other special occasions. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served with each complete meal.

Milk is served at every meal, and fresh, filtered water is available for all children at all times. As a general rule, juice is not served at TK.

Children are encouraged to eat, but never forced. “Seconds” are not served until “firsts” are finished. (The exception to that rule is for infants and toddlers, sitting in high chairs, who are pretty much allowed to eat as much of anything ‘healthy’ they want.)

Please do not bring your child into TK with food. It can be disruptive to our schedule and it is not fair to the other children.

Special dietary needs will be considered and accommodated if a doctor’s note is provided.

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“Where there is a child, there is hope.” -Terri Lynn Hart