Child Nutrition Guidelines

TK belongs to the Child Nutrition Program of Southern California (CNPSC). What this means is that if I feed the children according to their guidelines, they will reimburse me a certain amount of money per meal, per child that I serve, to help offset the cost of the groceries that I buy.

In general, the CNPSC guidelines are as follows:

For Breakfast we are required to serve a bread, a vegetable or fruit, and milk

For Lunch and Dinner we are required to serve, a protein, a bread, two different servings of vegetables and/or fruit and milk

For Morning and Afternoon Snack we are required to serve 2 of the following components: a protein, a bread, a vegetable or fruit, or milk

The Child Nutrition Guidelines are extensive, with long lists of which foods are accepted, which foods are not accepted, and exact portion sizes required for each age group of child. If you are interested in a full and specific explanation of these guidelines, I am sure you could contact the CNPSC and they would provide you with whatever information you would like.

Child Nutrition Program of Southern Californialogo_header

7777 Alvarado Road, Suite 422 La Mesa, California 91941

(619) 465-4500 or (800) 233-8107

I very much like the people at the Child Nutrition Program. This program is sponsored by the government, and as such it is accompanied by a plethora of paperwork, regulations and surprise inspections. But the people at the Child Nutrition Program are ever helpful and pleasant to work with, and make it very clear to me that is my success is their goal.

TK has received many “Gold Stars” from CNPSC, which means that our meals and paperwork have been 100% compliant with the CNPSC regulations during each unannounced visit!


Child Nutrition