TK Family

When a child is enrolled into TK preschool and childcare, they are essentially enrolled into my TK Family. Many children that are currently attending TK have been doing so their whole lives, and many have had siblings or relatives here before them. In many cases TK has felt more like extended family than a babysitter or a school. I would like to foster that feeling.

As a family, TK is a cohesive group. In this modern day of only-children and single parents, sometimes the skill of participating in a large family environment, and the relationship skills it teaches, are lost.

Consideration and respect for all of the TK family members are taught and expected, from the tiniest baby to the most senior staff member. As a family, we all feel accepted and, in turn, learn to accept other people. TK accepts children of all races, religions, and walks of life. We also accept children with special needs, be they educational, emotional, medical or physical.


horizontal TK line

“Where there is a child, there is hope…”  -Terri Lynn Hart