Payment for childcare is due in advance, on the Friday preceding the week(s) being paid for, whether or not your child attends.

(You are paying for your child’s guaranteed space availability).

You may pay for 1 to 5 weeks in advance, whatever is most convenient for you.

Weekly receipts may be emailed or printed out on request. Yearly receipts are always printed at year end for tax purposes.

Payment that is not received by Friday evening at 6:00pm, will be expected Monday morning accompanied by a $20.00 late fee.

You are required to pay the full weekly rate even if there is a legal holiday and TK is closed.

TK closes for vacation for approximately two weeks around Christmas and New Year. Exact dates will be posted each year. You are NOT required to pay for those two weeks.

(For a list of the legal holidays that TK closes, and the exact dates of winter break, please click HOLIDAYS)

Two weeks advance notice is required should you decide to permanently leave our child care program. Without that notice you will be responsible to pay for those two weeks, regardless of whether or not your child attends.

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