IMG_1292Your Scheduled Hours

Terri’s Kids regular operating hours are from 5:30 am- 5:30pm.

When you sign up for TK, you will contract for specific hours, on specific days. It is important that you adhere to the schedule that we agree on for several reasons:

1) It helps your child to adjust to life in the TK family if his hours are regular and predictable.

2) It helps TK staff to plan meals and projects.

3) TK has a legal capacity that is best kept full, but not over capacity. TK schedules other children to fill in spaces when your child is not scheduled to be here. If you do not pick up your child at the prearranged time, you may cause me to go over the capacity that my license allows.

For this reason, if you are late picking up your child from the pre-arranged time, you may be charged a late $20 late fee. To avoid this fee, please CALL and make arrangements. I will always do anything in my power to accommodate your needs if I am given advance notice.

With prior arrangements, after (scheduled) hours care is sometimes available on a space available basis for an additional hourly charge.

Evening and weekend care is sometimes available, again, for an additional charge. Ask Terri.
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“Where there is a child, there is hope…”  -Terri Lynn Hart