IMG_2648Dress Code

Please dress your child in practical/playable clothes that fit properly. Your child, throughout the course of the day, will be active, and his/her clothes may become soiled with tempera paint, food, felt pens, or sand.

Dresses and skirts require shorts to be worn under them.

Closed toed, rubber soled shoes and socks are required each day. No cowboy boots, heels, “jellys” or sandals allowed.

Athletic, or Tennis shoes are preferred. Hiking boots are fine.

Children will be allowed to go barefoot when the weather is exceptionally warm, and they always take off their shoes at nap time.

ALL children MUST bring at least one complete change of clothes in their backpack, as well as a sweater or jacket, EVERYDAY, regardless of what the weather forecast might be. My classroom and backyard is considerably cooler than the surrounding environment, due to our exceptionally large and beautiful shade tree. TK no longer provides spare clothes and sweaters. If your child does not have a sweater or jacket, and it is chilly outside, they may be required to sit in the house while their friends enjoy outdoor time.
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“Where there is a child, there is hope…”  -Terri Lynn Hart