TK is a “home-school” type of environment, and a variety of educational opportunities are provided for every age.

IMG_6875For the younger children we have a full preschool curriculum and schedule of activities that teach pre-reading and writing skills, numerical concepts, science, and art using music, dramatic play, group activities and games, art or craft projects, science experiments, and field trips, etc. We usually use a “themed” approach to add interest. TK also introduces beginning Spanish vocabulary and some sign language.

Starting somewhere between the age of 2 and 3 years, each TK child is given their very own “TK taskbook” which is set up with worksheets and activities. These are customized to that child’s level, abilities and interest. Preschool children generally work in their taskbook two to four times a week.

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IMG_5275School age children also have a taskbook for use during the summer vacation or as an option if they have any free time during the school year.

With school age children homework completion and grades are a priority at TK. Daily tutoring and support are provided, as well as all paper, pencils, dictionary, computers and supervised access to the Internet. All work is checked for completeness and accuracy. Some support for special reports and research projects is available, but parents are ultimately responsible for assuring that their child completes all homework assignments.

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“Where there is a child, there is hope…”  -Terri Lynn Hart